I've been tweeting since April 09. I found Twitter as a powerful medium of Micro-blogging as it enables sharing of ideas. I remember my friend Unnikrishnan(follow him on Twitter), talking about a concept in which the people with similar ideas get a chance to contact each other. He expressed it in a very confusing manner, as a result of which we all started running away from him the next time we saw him. Sometime later, I heard about Twitter. It also does the same thing what Unnikrishnan said, but in a more simple, yet powerful manner(again, Occam's razor stole the show..!!).

Twitter is used for many purposes, including:
• Sharing interesting web links
• Reporting local news you have witnessed
• Rebroadcasting fresh information you have received
• Philosophizing
• Making brief, directed commentaries to another person
• Emoting and venting
• Recording behavior, such as a change in location or eating habits
• Posing a question
Rickrolling (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rickrolling)
• Crowdsourcing
• Organizing flash mobs and tweetups (in-person meetups with Twitter friends

The Twitter culture has created its own lexicon, filled with new words you should
know. Here are a few of the basics:

Tweet: The preferred name for a status update.

Retweet: The reposting of an interesting tweet from another twitterer.

Detweet: Craig Danuloff suggests there should be a way to refute someone’s post by passing
along a tweet with “a degree of disapproval” (Sad part is tht we have Like in Facebook and don't have an option for Dislike.).

Tweeple/tweeps: Twitter people, Twitter members, Twitter users, twitterers.

Twoosh: A tweet that is a perfect 140 characters long.

Tweetup: When tweeple meet in person.

For a more complete list of Twitter words, try Twittonary, the Twictionary wiki , or the Twitter Fan Wiki’s Twitter Glossary.

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