When I got my new phone, I was quite happy about it. My old one, Sony Ericsson W550i was a music phone, not a phone for social networking. Of course I was able to install Snaptu and Opera Mini in it, still I needed something much more productive. I went for a phone with wireless connectivity, 3G support, GPS etc etc, and I finally settled on Nokia 5800 Express Music.

Now, when I explored the Ovi App Store, I found out that some best apps for social networking like Gravity came with a price tag. Its true that the best things in life don't come for free.. but what I think is Better things in life come for free!

I was unhappy on one thing. I could see a numerous social networking apps for iPhone and Android, even Blackberry, but not for Symbian. Recently I joined Foursquare. There also, this same thing was a problem. They had apps for Android and iPhone, but for symbian, it was their lame site. I felt "damn!! screwed!! No single social networking service has their own app for Symbian."

And then, I began to search for alternatives. And yes i got them! in fact, now i am totally happy!!
Given below are a list of the alternatives that i am using now.

Facebook+Twitter: Snaptu
Twitter+Foursquare: Waze
Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, ICQ etc etc: Nimbuzz
Twitter Client: Gravity (of course it is not free.. but one can easily download the full version using the link.)
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Always remember: The better things in life come for free! ;)
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